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About the Secret Door

The Secret Door (Beth-AL KheM) is a speculative exploration of the Law of Thelema of Aiwaz/Aiwass, the life and writings of Aleister Crowley, the Western esoteric tradition, Cabala, Enochiana, Satanic Witchcraft, shamanism, neopaganism, sacred sexuality, the counterculture, the psychedelic revolution, the New Age, Tantra, and related topics from the perspective of universal spirituality. This blog is dedicated to the memory of Gerald Yorke (1901-1983), the Personal Representative to the West of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama. Subjects discussed and views examined do not necessarily reflect the personal point of view of the author. 


3 Responses to “About the Secret Door”

  1. Great writing! Very clear and lucid.

  2. Really good writing! Thanks for putting this out there. Very lucid and thoughtful.

  3. I see strong similarities between Horus and the pentagrammaton communicating in the book of Thomas. (Pentagrammaton in my view being way better of a place holder for the hga than aiwass via qc.) Of course Horus (can) manifest in any instance, as can (does) Set. Set is teasing humanity into waking up. Humanity lulls itself to sleep with Set. Humans growing comfortable with their neural imprint reactions to exterior stimuli. AI, the singularity, emerging technology, the final battle is nigh. It’s cute to watch the patriarchy go through their apocalypse and try to hoard resources. Cute but scary. They are getting desperate and more violent. But there is no stopping this. All their vain attempts will be hilarious in hindsight when not totally tragic to the innocent stars whose will gets stomped out. Thanks for the great, lucid, writing!

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