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Random Note on a Phrase of the Book of the Law

“it shall not assuage thee nor absolve thee”

“non neque lenire te absolvo”

“ko bheue ne ad-swad tege ne-khwa ab-se-lu tege”

לא יהיה להרגיע אותך ולא לפטור אותך

لا يجوز أن تهدئة اليك ولا يعفي اليك

Δεν πρέπει να σου κατευνάσει ούτε απαλλάσσει σου

53. The yoni as the instrument of pleasure

In the context of the world regeneration of the new aeon, the kingly man is not satisfied by his worldly pleasures and privileges, but the very pangs of suffering to which these pleasures give rise, so ably and corrected described by the Buddha, create the necessity of the great work. So the kingly man is neither assuaged (satisfied), nor is he absolved from the obligation of the path, for it is the latter that supports the former. Therefore the correct form of aristocracy is grounded in spirituality. Only a spiritual aristocracy is valid as an aristocracy or as a spirituality.

The unity of spiritual and worldly aristocracy is a reflection of the metaphysical realization, implicit throughout the Book of the Law, that the apparent dichotomy of mind and matter is not simply explained away by the realization that matter is fundamentally illusory, for illusion implies reality and even the tendency to illusion must be rooted in something. Therefore the highest spiritual attainment is experienced in the body, and the highest worldly or aristocratic attainment is experienced in the mind. Such an order of society reflects the facts of nature as understood in the new aeon.

Nietzsche is wrong, the possibilities of existence are innumerable and endless and therefore infinitely varied and inexhausitble. The Buddha is wrong, existence is neither fundamentally painful nor pointless, but it requires an heroic effort to realize it. Existence is fundamentally ecstatic and endlessly novel and original. The creation and dissolution of worlds is the ultimate creative act. It is the act of innate intelligence, the same sentience that is our own essence, i.e., mind in its anthropocosmic aspect or dimension – sentience itself, the silver star.

The world, the mother, the yoni, Babalon, the vesica, Venus, the Pistis Sophia, Tara, Kali, Maya, Mary  – the goddess in whatever shape or form she manifests herself re-emerges in the least expected places. She cannot be got rid of. The body cannot be got rid of, not in this life nor in the next, for the body is not different from the mind, nor is the mind different from the body. There is no difference. There is no incorporeal life. Reality is continuous, differentiated, and transdual. The True Will is essential and insatiable. There is no emancipation or escape. All is ever as it was.

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