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Ten Precepts of Eyl*

Let all Thelemites of whatsoever grade observe the following precepts as the foundation of action (cf. the ten precepts of the bodhisattva).

1. Non-discrimination. Avoid any act of choice or discrimination.

2. Aspiration. Let the Aspirant pay utmost reverence to the Authority of the A∴A∴ and follow Its instructions, and let him swear a great Oath of Devotion unto Nuit.

3. Path of least resistance. Let the Aspirant beware the slightest exercise of his will against another being. Thus, lying is a better posture than sitting or standing, as it opposes less resistance to gravitation. Yet his first duty is to the force nearest and most potent; e.g. he may rise to greet a friend.

4. Indifference. Let the Aspirant exercise his will without the least consideration for any other being. This direction cannot be understood, much less accomplished, until the previous practice has been perfected.

5. Beauty and Love. Let the Aspirant live the Life Beautiful and Pleasant. For this freedom hath he won. But let each act, especially of love, be devoted wholly to his true mistress, Nuit.

6. Perfection. Let the Aspirant, bearing him as a great King, root out and destroy without pity all things in himself and his surroundings which are weak, dirty, or diseased, or otherwise unworthy. And let him be exceeding proud and joyous.

7. Nobility. Let the Aspirant live the life of a strong and beautiful being, proud and exalted, contemptuous of and fierce toward all that is base and vile.

8. Strength; Refinement; Excess. Let the Aspirant strengthen his body by all means in his power, and let him with equal pace refine all that is in him to the true ideal of Royalty. Yet let his formula, as a King’s ought, be Excess.

9. Evangelism. Let the Adept aspire to Nuit, and preach to mankind.

10. Worship. Let the Adept worship the Name, foursquare, mystic, wonderful, of the Beast, and the name of His house; and give blessing and worship to the prophet of the lovely Star.


Liber XI
Liber DLV


* “Eyl” is the ancient Biblical pronunciation of Hebrew אֵל, “mighty one,” pronounced”el” in modern Hebrew.

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